Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer time and expertise are especially valued by the Oil Region Alliance, where unpaid advisors provide significant input into many projects and activities in support of the Oil Region National Heritage Area. You can pitch in for one occasion, or agree to ongoing responsibilities, or anything in between, regardless of your age or area of expertise.

If you want your precious hours of donated services to be promptly put to use in important, relevant endeavors in interesting locations where you interact with pleasant, well-informed associates, then you’re invited to contact the Oil Region Alliance.

Please discuss your specific topics of interests, skills, schedule, and preferences with:

    Marilyn Black
    Vice-President for Heritage Development
    (814) 677-3152, Extension 105

She will match you to a currently active project well-suited to your availability, no matter whether you want to do tasks similar to your regular duties or if you’d like to learn about something new while enjoying the company of fellow volunteers and Alliance personnel.

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