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Posted: 17th Apr 2017

It's time to decide which tours and talks you'll attend at the Preservation Workshop on Saturday, May 20 in Titusville, PA. Registration begins at 8 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Church at 216 North Franklin Street. That's the place where all tours begin, and all programs will be held in the basement of the church at Scheide Hall.

During the 3:15 to 4:45 p.m. time slot...

Round Table – Ask the Experts

Have a question you'd like answered? Or want more information about a topic that did not come up? Perhaps you’d like to learn about Green Building? Here’s your chance to “Ask the Experts." Dr. Barry Cressman will moderate this round table. Panelists include Marilyn Black, the project manager for the rehabilitation of the Tarbell House, Guy McUmber of the Green Building Alliance, Abigail Watson-Popescu of the Titusville Planning Commission, Joe Roddy of Stiffler-McGraw and William Callahan of PHMC. It's your chance to ask questions of these "experts."


"Tour of the Chase-Stewart Block"

The three adjoining nearly identical brick buildings that comprise the Chase & Stewart Block on South Franklin Street were built 1870-1871. They originally housed grocery and hardware stores, a newspaper office, John Mather’s photography studio, an oil company and real estate offices. Fast forward to 2015 and Titusville Towne Square anchors the block. Blue Canoe Brewery is on the ground floor and multiple small businesses are located on the second and third floors. Titusville Redevelopment Authority has its offices on the fourth. A catastrophic fire in March, 2015 damaged much of the building. The fourth floor was completely destroyed and will not be rebuilt. The second and third floors have been renovated. Blue Canoe Brewery, on the first floor, reopened in 2016. Carpenters Corner Antiques, in the adjoining building, was badly damaged but has been rebuilt, and received a Historic Preservation Award in 2016. Tour this historic block and see why Titusville is both proud and relieved that this iconic site was not lost forever.

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