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Historic House Plaque Program

What story is waiting to be told by your home, building or church?

The Oil Region National Heritage Area is home to a large collection of historic houses, buildings and churches. The Oil Region Alliance sponsors the House Plaque Program to highlight these structures, and help tell their stories. The Oil Region Alliance administers the program working collaboratively with libraries, historical societies, and local historians.


The purpose of the Oil Region National Heritage Area Historic House Plaque Program is to accomplish the following goals:

  • Increase awareness of the historic and architectural value of buildings within the boundaries of the Oil Region National Heritage Area
  • Encourage good stewardship of historic properties
  • Develop curiosity about earlier generations
  • Document historic houses and buildings within the Oil Region
  • Further the mission of educating and preserving the heritage of the region

Eligibility Requirements

  • Houses, commercial buildings, and churches that are at least 50 years old
  • The structure may be located anywhere within the boundaries of the Oil Region National Heritage Area, with the exception of the City of Franklin and Sugarcreek Borough, which is covered by a similar program administered by Franklin Preservation
  • The focus of eligibility is on the exterior of the structure
  • A completed application with all required documentation attached, plus the application fee must be submitted to the Oil Region Alliance
  • Only the property owner can apply

Cast bronze with brown colored background

Weight: Approximately 9 pounds

Dimensions: 9 in x 9 in

The plaques are a custom design produced locally by Franklin Bronze Plaques in Franklin, PA.

How to Get a Historic House Plaque?

Complete the application, which requires historical research. The application then must be submitted with the required application fee.

The property owner will be notified that the application has been received and if any additional information is needed.

Complete applications will move to the review stage. Once the review is complete, the property owner is notified as to whether the application has been approved.

If the application is approved, the property owner is required to submit the remainder of the program fee.

What is the cost?

There is a $225 program fee including a non-refundable $25 application fee (due at the time of application submission), and $200 upon approval of the application (due prior to plaque ordering).

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