Oil Region National Heritage Area | The Valley that Changed the World

Board & Committees

Board of Directors

  • Maureen James, Chair — Artist/Oil City Main Street
  • Chad Ellis, Vice Chair — Rossbacher Insurance
  • Betsy Kellner, Secretary — Cranberry Township Tax Collector
  • Jennifer Feehan, Treasurer — Northwest Commission
  • Vincent Witherup, Executive Committee Member — Retired County of Venango Commissioner
  • Jon Bernstein — Wildcat Mansion
  • Samuel Breene — County of Venango Commissioner
  • Leah Carter — Titusville Renaissance, Inc.
  • Jon Crouch — City of Titusville Mayor
  • Stacy Ginkel — KJ Consulting & Environmental Services, LLC
  • Rodney C. Griffin — Specialty Fabrication and Powder Coating
  • Lance Hummer — Keystone Community Education Council
  • James O. Johnson — City of Franklin Council Member
  • Matt McSparren — Cranberry Township
  • William P. Moon, Jr. — City of Oil City Mayor
  • Cinda Richards  —  Anderson Greenhouse
  • Greg Wilson — Komatsu


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the actions of the Board of Directors and consults on matters of personnel.

  • Maureen James, Chair
  • Chad Ellis, Vice Chair
  • Betsy Kellner, Secretary
  • Jennifer Feehan, Treasurer
  • Vince Witherup,
    Committee Member

Property/Asset Council

The Property/Asset Council consults on properties, real estate investments, and other expenditures of the ORA.

  • Matt Beith, Chair
  • Jack Crawford
  • Cory Masterson
  • Robert Murray
  • George Thompson

Economic Development/Energy Advisory Council

This committee advises on issues of economic development and energy issues.

  • William P. Moon, Jr., Chair
  • Glenn Cochran
  • Lance Hummer
  • Betsy Kellner
  • Kim Reddinger
  • Jason Ruggiero
  • Gary Svetz
  • Mike Vereb

Heritage Advisory Council

This committee oversees matters pertaining to oil history, heritage and historic preservation within the Oil Region National Heritage area.

  • Betsy Kellner, Chair
  • John Bartlett
  • Brandon Boocks
  • Hilary Buchanan
  • William Callahan
  • Leah Carter
  • Dr. Barry Cressman
  • Sharon Dorogy
  • Chad Ellis
  • Sarah Goodman
  • Carole Hall
  • Clark Hall
  • Dave Hallman
  • Jessica Hilburn
  • Jimmy Johnson
  • Luke Kauffman
  • Emily Lewis
  • Marlie Manning
  • Lois McElwee
  • Neil McElwee
  • Carolee Mitchner
  • Allan Montgomery
  • Erin Wiley Moyers
  • Ty Ryen
  • Megin Sewak
  • Cecile Stelter
  • Francis Weiderspahn

Tourism Promotion Advisory Council

This committee focuses on the promotion of the Oil Region’s events and attractions and most notably oversees the development of the annual Oil Region Guide publication, which is distributed across the country and internationally as a resource for guests and locals alike.

  • Maureen James, Chair
  • Kelly Amos
  • Kathy Bailey
  • Ronnie Beith
  • Jon Bernstein
  • Brandon Boocks
  • Sam Breene
  • Hilary Buchanan
  • Leah Carter
  • Dr. Barry Cressman
  • Adam Diem
  • Sharon Dorogy
  • Devin Gold
  • Luke Kauffman
  • Betsy Kellner
  • Michael Knecht
  • Jacob Kosker
  • Emily Lewis
  • Arlene Rodriguez
  • Ashley Smith
  • Erin Wanninger
  • Susan Williams

Join a Committee

The Oil Region Alliance values the input of our partners and community members. Joining a committee is a great way to support the organization and its goals.

Service on a committee requires membership in the ORA, either as an individual or as a representative of a business or organization that is a member of the ORA.

Details on membership can be found here.

Committees are chaired by members of the Board of Directors and include ORA staff.

For information on when a committee meets or to express interest in joining a committee or attending a meeting, please contact info@oilregion.org.

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